Best New Year’s Resolution for children EVER!

  Happy New Year from Yolo Teeth

All classes in January just £20



We hope you had a magical Christmas! We want to ensure your child’s dental health gets the best start to 2018, so we’re supporting all those New Year’s Resolutions for better brushing by running all our classes this January for just £20, saving you £15.

You don’t need to enter a code – just press the link below to book on the website, and make sure you don’t miss this fantastic New Years offer.

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Give the gift of good teeth

Give the gift of good teeth

Looking for that unique Christmas gift for your daughter, son, grandchild, godchild, nephew or niece? Our gift certificates have become quite sought after, and we’re selling twenty for £20 each, saving £15 on a class.
Give a child you know the gift of good teeth for life.. But be quick, we only have twenty on offer, once sold, gift certificates cost £35.
Click on the button below to purchase through PayPal, £1.00 will be added for delivery charges, and your gift certificate will be posted to you via first class mail.
Make sure your child sparkles this Christmas!


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Christmas with Yolo Teeth

🌟 🎄  Christmas with Yolo Teeth  🎄 🌟

Our mission is to ensure your children’s teeth sparkle this Christmas – and to ensure they know how to look after and protect their teeth throughout the holidays, with all the candy, chocolates and treats.
Every child taking a Yolo Teeth class in December receives a Christmas pressie in their take-home bag, along their toothbrush, mirror, and check list, and with all the knowledge, understanding and fun they’ll get in class – and you’ll be reassured you’ve taken the best steps to protect and keep their teeth sparking through the holidays!
We’ve availability in classes on Saturday 9 and Tuesday 12 December.

Click to book here, now



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Baby Banana has landed at Yolo Teeth

We’ve got some new samples in class! 

We LOVE the new Baby Banana range!

Invented by a dental hygienist and mother of four, the Baby Banana set of baby and child toothbrushes and teethers are so gorgeous your child will simply LOVE learning how to brush!

Yolo Teeth love these because we know they’ll encourage children to brush and get little ones used to holding a brush. They’re cute, toy-like toothbrushes that come in different colours and textures.

The infant award-winning toothbrushes are designed with banana peel handles for little hands to hold, and have thick bristles that massage sore teething gums as well as cleaning teeth.

The toddlers brushes reach back molars and have a slimmer handle and thinner bristles. There’s also an elephant toddler brush which is completely gorgeous – it wraps its bendable trunk around the toothbrush head, and will delight both boys and girls!

The entire range is BPA, latex and phthalate free, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Love them? We’ve got the entire range to play with in class – and we’ll have them at our baby dental drop-by at the Northcote Road Christmas Fair on the 26th November.


Don’t forget we’re still running our 20% off a class booked in November, book here using code STOPDECAY

AND sign up to our mailing list here to keep in touch and ensure your child’s teeth are protected for life.

Smile bright – Shine bright – See you at Yolo Teeth


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Yolo Teeth at the Northcote Christmas Fair 26 November 2017

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We’re celebrating with a special 20% discount for your child’s Yolo Teeth class!

We’re Celebrating!!!

It’s a beautiful autumn week in London, we want it full of smiles! We’re so pleased that children’s dental health has been debated today at Westminster, and MPs are understanding the impact of education in preventing child tooth decay.

We’re so happy we’re offering a 20% discount for anyone booking Yolo Teeth classes in November!


Book here using code: STOPDECAY

See you at class!! 


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Shocking new NHS figures! We say ‘the time is now to protect your child’s teeth’

Hospitals treat more children with bad teeth than broken arms! More than 35,000 under tens were treated for tooth decay during 2016/17

‘If a child ends up in hospital, it was once most likely to be due to a bump or scrape they had while playing.
But children under 10 are now twice as likely to be hospitalised with tooth decay than with a broken arm.
The problem is blamed on a lack of awareness by parents about how to care for children’s teeth and their failure to take up free NHS dental treatment for under-18s.’

Read more

If anyone needed convincing, this morning’s news in the Daily Mail will have opened many, many eyes.

Yolo Teeth has always known that children’s oral health is such a huge concern, such a cost to the NHS, and such an emotional stress for parents. MP’s have been discussing this at a Westminster Hall debate and Yolo Teeth have been monitoring it.
Don’t let your children become part of these horrible statistics, sign up to a Yolo Teeth class now.
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Let’s not ignore our children’s teeth

“Tooth decay is the most common reason for young children to go into hospital”

(, 6/9/17)

How much do we spend on haircuts, colours, nail salons, and personal workouts? (See here for an interesting discussion). Highlighting one’s hair costs on average £100 a go, and personal training sessions in London these days can be as much as £85 per hour. On beauty, women have been found to spend on average £70,000 during their lifetime (See here).

Looking after yourself is good! But why are we reluctant to spend money on dental care? Like the Corsodyl advert, which asks why people don’t go to the dentist when their gums bleed (and they start to loose teeth)…

Why do we ignore our teeth?

Many wonderful modern parents ensure their children have all the latest classes: tennis, hockey, netball, gymnastics, swimming, rowing, taekwondo, karate, the list is endless. Nevertheless they can be ignoring one of the most important health necessities for their children: to learn how to take care of their teeth.

Having good teeth, like anything else, takes learning

Parents do worry about teeth, but many assume brushing and dental care is a talent they can pass down. Looking at the current statistics on children’s tooth decay, this is not the case.

“London’s latest must-have class for children”

Yolo Teeth has been established to teach children, to empower children, to take care of their teeth for life. Devised and taught by dentists, Yolo Teeth provides a fundamental learning experience for children on dental care, which is informative, memorable and incredibly fun. And right now it is unique in London.

Children only need to take one class every 6-12 months, and they’ll begin to form the tools to ensure a lifetime of good teeth. Parents will save the money and pain that comes from dealing with tooth decay and they’ll protect their child’s adult teeth, which are affected by damaged baby teeth, giving their child a future of beautiful smiles (perhaps reducing their beauty bill in later life).



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How much sugar?


Q. Which has more sugar?


A. The smoothie

Do you know how much sugar your child is eating? We do.

Sugar is found in very surprising places. Many foods and drinks we think are healthy are full of sugar, which coats your child’s teeth like acid.

Yolo Teeth classes teach children about good sugar and bad sugar. The smoothie is good sugar, but to prevent it causing damage to teeth, you need to know when its OK to eat it.

Let’s teach our children – book a Yolo class now



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Mel Capleton on the importance of dental health in sport

Open Air Fit

On the subject of footballers, closer to home, former professional footballer Mel Capleton (pictured left), is a testament to the importance of dental health in sports.

‘Whilst playing football professionally, we had to have our teeth checked regularly; it was part of the rules of the club. Managers took dental health very seriously as they knew what an impact it had on you as a player.’ Mel Capleton, 2017

Yolo Teeth wholeheartedly supports Mel Capleton’s Open Air Fit sports company, which coaches adults, children and teenagers on Wandsworth and Clapham Commons, and which runs programs in many local schools in the area. Visit the Open Air Fit website here

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