Yolo Teeth understands the importance of teaching children

to clean and protect their teeth for life

Why Yolo Teeth?

Life is busy. School, clubs, homework and playdates; children can be rushing in the morning, and too tired in the evening. It is not uncommon for children to brush their teeth only once a day, or forget to brush entirely.

Even regular brushers can be missing vital areas of the mouth simply because they don’t know – or they’ve forgotten the dentist’s instructions – exactly how, and why they are brushing their teeth.

It can be difficult for parents with toddlers too… What food and drinks badly impact toddler teeth? Is there a safe time to eat sugar? What about fruit and raisins?!!

Brushing teeth only once a day elevates the risk of tooth decay by one third; skipping days entirely can be even more detrimental. As can a lack of information on which foods contain which types of sugar, and how and when these affect teeth.**

Tooth decay in children is rising

Between 2010 and 2015 the number of children admitted to hospital with tooth decay rose by almost 20%, and a staggering third of all children starting school have already been affected.**

Tooth decay leads to sensitive teeth, severe pain and swelling. It can keep children awake, discolour their teeth, and make their breath smell. It can result in endless trips to the dentist and A&E, uncomfortable and painful dental treatments and, left untreated, can end with complete tooth extraction. Tooth extractions currently account for the largest number of anaesthetics given to children in the UK.

tooth decay

Yolo Teeth classes have been designed by dentists

We believe successful tooth brushing should be straightforward for children and protecting teeth from sugary food should be normal and everyday choices for children.

All Yolo Teeth classes aim to:

Protect and Prevent
Children are taught how to brush every part of their teeth and gums, understand when to brush, and how often. This will provide protection from tooth decay and will prevent plaque build up. We’ll also teach them how to spot the difference between plaque and tooth decay, helping your children to become fully capable of controlling their every day dental care.

Nutrition Check
Sugar lurks in very surprising places! It is even found in healthy sounding food and drink. Teaching children to think about what they eat and understand what the sugar in the food does to their teeth, depending on when they eat it, will help them to recognise when it’s OK to enjoy these foods.

What is tooth decay and why does it matter? Our aim is for children to understand that caring for their teeth is as simple and significant as buckling up in the car.

Have fun
Yolo Teeth classes do NOT constitute a visit to the dentist. The classes are fun and full of games and laughter. Anxious children – and we know many exist, see below – need not fear. The classes aim to instil knowledge whilst having fun and playing games. This is illustrated by many children on our testimonials page.

All our teachers are qualified dentists, so children will receive a wealth of the best information possible and up-to-date knowhow on tooth care.

Learning takes time. We recommend regular refresher courses to help children keep the information at the forefront of their dental routine. 

Classes are classes!

First and foremost, a Yolo Teeth class does NOT constitute a visit to the dentist*

None of our dentists will put a hand in your child’s mouth, or sit them in a dentist chair to look at their teeth. We do not give out advice on individual children’s teeth. We leave all that to your regular dentist, who we encourage you to visit as part of your normal dental routine.

We do hope, however, that by attending Yolo Teeth classes, your time at your regular dentist might be a little reduced*.


Yolo Teeth understands how scared children can be of the dentist – we’ve seen the research, and we’ve talked to many parents about it. If your child is one of the nervous ones, they’re not alone – research shows that visiting the dentist ranks the number one factor for making people nervous, even more than those scared of spiders!

Therefore all of our classes, run by our fantastic, lovely dentists, are FUN and FRIENDLY from the minute your child walks through the door. And, we have a range of furry friends in case your child wobbles a little whilst looking at the tooth decay models…!

* Yolo Teeth classes takes no responsibility for any subsequent dental work required after taking the class. Yolo Teeth aims only to educate and advise, and cannot be held liable for any dental issues that arise before or after the class.

**Statistics taken from Oral Health Foundation