“It was so much FUN, like a party.. can we do it again??”
Eliza, age 10


We have received some fabulous feedback on Yolo Teeth classes – not just from the children, but also from the parents…

“The class far exceeded my expectations. My 18 month old loved every minute of it, and wouldn’t let his toothbrush go until he went to bed. The dentist who taught him was excellent and he loved the toys and playing the games. It certainly had an impact and he is certainly now more aware of his teeth. The class was educational, taught me a lot I didn’t know about sugar in food and how to take care of his teeth. I’m so pleased I went, and I’ll keep taking him back
Mike, Battersea

Thank you so much for your review – we were thrilled to teach your child, and we look forward to seeing him at a class again soon – Yolo Teeth Team

“I signed up both my children (3y & 5y old) to the Yolo Teeth class at Fresh Ground in Battersea. I went with my little one and my husband went another day with our oldest one as classes are made per age group. They both really enjoyed it and are now playing dentist at home.

It was brilliant – and shocking – as a parent to understand what are the good/bad snacks for our children’s teeth. The class is very active for them and they get attention from the beginning.

Both now understand better the importance of brushing well. I believe it is nice to hear it from someone else sometimes! Very happy we did the class and I recommend it!”

Thank you very much for your review! We’re thrilled your children loved the class – we loved teaching them and wish them both happy brushing and playing.
Yolo Teeth Team

“I found the class useful because I learned facts I was unaware of before, such as when to set snack times, the amounts of sugar in different foods and drinks and how to brush and rinse properly”
Mother of Luna, age 3


“My daughter loved the classes and I will certainly send her for a refresher course in a couple of months time.”
Mother of Lily, age 9


“Very educational, friendly, hands on experience, my children loved it”
Mother of Tara, age 10; Alex, age 7; and Sophia, age 5


“I think this should be done twice a year. The older they get – the more they learn”
Mother of Eleanor, age 10; and Jack, age 7




Cool, inspiring and fun! Ella age 10


“It was so much FUN, like a party.. can we do it again??”
Eliza, age 10



“The class was really cool and I loved turning our teeth blue and having my own toothbrush to take home”
M, age 10



“I loved the class, it was very interesting and I learned how to stop tooth decay”
Alex, age 7


“When I learned how to brush my teeth I know how to brush my teeth now”
Sophia age 5


“The class was really fun! The dentist was really kind too”
Tara, age 10



“I loved the sugar games! I can’t wait to tell my family about all the food and drink we’ve looked at and how much sugar is in it!”
Ella, age 10



We would love to hear your comments and see you keeping your teeth sparkling! We can only publish photos with parental consent – forms available in class – but we welcome all comments, and will try to publish as many as possible. First names and ages only are used on the website. Send to: weloveyolo@yoloteeth.com

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