Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I book more than one child to a class?

Yes! We encourage it! Yolo Teeth classes are heaps of fun and so it’s perfect for groups of friends taking a class together! Classes are capped at 6 children, so, depending on availability, you can book up to 6 per class. For parents and toddlers, it’s also great to come with friends with children, take notes together and watch the children have fun with the tooth care toys!

2. What if my child is attending the class without friends?

If you are booking a child on their own, reassure them that they’ll have the best time! Our dentists are passionate about teaching children and ensure every child gets lots of attention. It is part of the Yolo Teeth policy to make sure all children feel involved, welcome and free to have fun and be themselves.

3. Can parents come along?

Yes! We welcome parents of any age child to stay, and there is a designated area for parents to sit and watch the class – and take notes. Parents of toddlers and young children are required to sit with the child during the class. Parents of children aged 5 and over can watch from the designated parent’s area. All we ask is that parents remain quiet and do not interrupt the dentist while teaching, so that the children are not disturbed during the lesson.

Dentists cannot give individual advice to parents about their children’s teeth, so we insist that you kindly do not ask them. We want to ensure the children get the most informative, up-to-date information, in a way that they’ll understand, which is why we use dentists, rather than nurses and hygienists, to teach the class. To ensure the children get the most out of their time with the dentist, we ask parents to remain silent.

For those parents with older children who do not want to stay, you can leave your child. Please ensure that you pick up promptly at the end of the lesson. The person picking up must correspond with the name on the booking form. There is also a beautiful coffee shop onsite for you to relax in should you wish.

4. How many children are in a class?

Yolo Teeth classes are capped at 6 children. While this does mean classes are limited, it ensures that every child gets time to fully engage with the dentist.

5. Should we take more than one class?

From feedback, we’ve found that parents like their child to take refresher classes. We’d recommend a course every six months for young children, and every 6-12 months for older children. For those booking refresher classes, please let us know on booking, as returning children get the Royal Treatment!

6. Can I take photos in the class?

Photography is not permitted at any time in the class.

7. How do I book?

Proceed to the booking page and follow the instructions. Bookings must be made online and must be paid for at the point of booking. We currently take payment through PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account to use this and can easily pay by debit or credit card.

8. Why is there a waiver form?

To ensure your children get the best class we insist on using dentists only. Yolo Teeth classes are for educational purposes and none of the dentists are able or permitted to advise on individual dental cases. The waiver form protects the dentists from any liability in this regard, and has no effect on the child or class.

9. What will my child take from the class?

We aim to teach your children the government recommended guidelines for dental care, and to empower each child to take control of their own teeth. The 45-minute class with our expert dentists provides the framework for this, and any refresher classes taken later build on their knowledge.

Each child receives their own toothbrush at the class, which cannot be shared, to ensure hygiene, and which they can take home with them.

10. Who will be teaching my child?

Yolo Teeth only use qualified dentists, to ensure your children get the absolute best. All of our dentists are passionate about teaching children dental care, and are kind and fun. We get wonderful feedback from our children about our dentists, see our testimonials page.

11. How long does the class last?

Classes last 45 minutes, which is the optimal time for the children to absorb information.

12. What if I cannot make the class?

If you have to cancel your child’s class we cannot refund you but we can offer you another class if you give us seven days’ notice.