Hospitals treat more children with bad teeth than broken arms! More than 35,000 under tens were treated for tooth decay during 2016/17

‘If a child ends up in hospital, it was once most likely to be due to a bump or scrape they had while playing.
But children under 10 are now twice as likely to be hospitalised with tooth decay than with a broken arm.
The problem is blamed on a lack of awareness by parents about how to care for children’s teeth and their failure to take up free NHS dental treatment for under-18s.’

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If anyone needed convincing, this morning’s news in the Daily Mail will have opened many, many eyes.

Yolo Teeth has always known that children’s oral health is such a huge concern, such a cost to the NHS, and such an emotional stress for parents. MP’s have been discussing this at a Westminster Hall debate and Yolo Teeth have been monitoring it.
Don’t let your children become part of these horrible statistics, sign up to a Yolo Teeth class now.
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