“Tooth decay is the most common reason for young children to go into hospital”

(ITV.com, 6/9/17)

How much do we spend on haircuts, colours, nail salons, and personal workouts? (See here for an interesting discussion). Highlighting one’s hair costs on average £100 a go, and personal training sessions in London these days can be as much as £85 per hour. On beauty, women have been found to spend on average £70,000 during their lifetime (See here).

Looking after yourself is good! But why are we reluctant to spend money on dental care? Like the Corsodyl advert, which asks why people don’t go to the dentist when their gums bleed (and they start to loose teeth)…

Why do we ignore our teeth?

Many wonderful modern parents ensure their children have all the latest classes: tennis, hockey, netball, gymnastics, swimming, rowing, taekwondo, karate, the list is endless. Nevertheless they can be ignoring one of the most important health necessities for their children: to learn how to take care of their teeth.

Having good teeth, like anything else, takes learning

Parents do worry about teeth, but many assume brushing and dental care is a talent they can pass down. Looking at the current statistics on children’s tooth decay, this is not the case.

“London’s latest must-have class for children”

Yolo Teeth has been established to teach children, to empower children, to take care of their teeth for life. Devised and taught by dentists, Yolo Teeth provides a fundamental learning experience for children on dental care, which is informative, memorable and incredibly fun. And right now it is unique in London.

Children only need to take one class every 6-12 months, and they’ll begin to form the tools to ensure a lifetime of good teeth. Parents will save the money and pain that comes from dealing with tooth decay and they’ll protect their child’s adult teeth, which are affected by damaged baby teeth, giving their child a future of beautiful smiles (perhaps reducing their beauty bill in later life).



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