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I loved this class! It was soooo much fun and I love every one of my teeth now. Emily, age 10
I really liked the Yolo dentist, she showed me how to make my teeth sparkle forever. Tara, age 6
Tooth decay is the most common reason for young children to go into hospital
(ITV, 6/9/17)
80% of under-twos in England failed to visit the dentist last year
(Dennis Campbell, Guardian, 8/6/17)
Tooth decay rising among English children  
(Dominic Howell, BBC, 26/2/16)
Number of children under four hospitalised to have teeth removed up nearly a quarter in ten years  
(Katie Forster, Independent, 21/3/17)

Tooth decay in our children is rising – but it is preventable. Childhood is too short to have to deal with tooth pain, tooth decay, painful trips to the dentist and enduring tooth removal. Yolo Teeth was established to empower children to care for their teeth, for life.

Tooth decay is simple to protect against, when you know how, and Yolo Teeth will teach your child.

Yolo Teeth was inspired by a mother who was taught as a child to take care of her teeth and wanted to recreate the same experience for her daughter.

Yolo Teeth offers a new, exclusive children’s dental hygiene class, devised by paediatric dentists to deliver government guidelines in a fun, informative way, for babies and children up to age twelve.

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